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The Rosenblum Companies provides outstanding value to our tenants. Everything we do is centered around customer service. Our team of experts in office design, construction, and management make the move to a Rosenblum property completely stress-free.

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At the Rosenblum Companies, we understand that your needs for great office space are multifaceted: you require good value, great locations, customized layout, unique décor, and the support system to allow you to run your business efficiently and smoothly. Maximize every inch of your office space with us: our in-house, on-site project management staff will oversee the design and build-out of your space to meet your exact specifications. We follow stringent standards for quality design and construction, along with a rigorous preventive maintenance program to keep our properties running smoothly.

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Every detail of our properties – from the landscaping surrounding our buildings to the smallest fixture – gets our constant attention. Our properties endure years of constant use yet remain fresh due to the quality of materials used and the highest construction standards in the industry. We’re always on top of the details, because that’s how we measure success. Avoid tired, dated-looking office space. See what our properties can offer your business.

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Our passion for perfection is reflected in every member of our team and every square foot of our office space, and that includes maintaining our properties fastidiously while sustaining the lowest operating cost to you and to us. Efficient operating expenses are an extremely important component of your long-term rental expenses. Rosenblum properties are energy efficient thanks to better insulation, efficient heating and cooling equipment, sophisticated energy management controls and the latest lighting fixtures. While our peers envy us, we continually refine our property management program so that “good enough” is never good enough.

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Call Us Psychic

Our excellent preventive maintenance means you’ll rarely have to make calls for repairs. We’re on top of every detail – from a leaky faucet to a squeaky door. We’re tireless when it comes to managing our properties. On the rare occasion that there is a service requirement, your call isn’t answered by voicemail or a call center, but rather our dedicated property management staff, who will immediately dispatch professionally trained technicians. Response is not tomorrow, or later today, but right now.

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