Is 2013 the year to “move on up” to 17 Chapel?

Where else can you live in the Capital Region with amazing views, neighborhood amenities, and heated garage parking?

Albany, NY Downtown Condo Dining Area

Virtually nowhere! Buyers like Dr. Robert Jones, the new President of SUNY Albany, have bought penthouse condos (two of the four are now sold) so they can enjoy a level of sophistication and convenience previously unattainable in Albany. And condo owners like Steve Barnes are thrilled to live in a completely personalized home, in the heart of it all, at a cost lower than a rental or single-family. Other buyers have commented on the ease of the buying process and more. Why wouldn’t you want to join them?

Is this opportunity going to be available much longer?

Though we’ve already sold our lowest and highest priced condos — and over 10 more in between — we still have a variety of floorplans to offer. Looking at past sales and market trends, we don’t expect much inventory to be available by year-end. Of the condos still available, only six condos are unfinished, ready for their new owner to customize in our on-site design center. We also have pre-designed condos available, including our Grand Hudsonview model suite. So if the idea of sophisticated condo living interests you, now is your opportunity.

When will another property like this come along?

We can’t identify any other location in the region that would allow for this combination of tax benefits, great views, convenient location and in-building parking. We’re thrilled that new rental buildings are under construction in our neighborhood. Having more residents downtown will only make the area more desirable and improve property values for our owners. But no apartment in the entire region provides the level of personalization, luxury, and in-building conveniences like 17 Chapel. And given the tax incentives and low interest rates, owning a condo is a surprisingly affordable alternative.

Considering a visit?

If you haven’t been to 17 Chapel before — or not in a while — now is a great time to see our model condo. Call us anytime at (518) 869-9302 for an appointment.