ADNET Opens New Collaborative Office

ADNET Technologies Ribbon CuttingADNET Technologies, an IT management and security firm, officially opened their new Albany office on the third floor of 3 Winners Circle, one of four office buildings in the Wolf Road corridor owned and operated by Rosenblum Development Corp. The ribbon cutting ceremony signaled the conclusion to a broader self-examination of the company’s culture and work style – including their office spaces – by co-CEOs Christopher Luise and Edward Laprade in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With our at team thriving in our cloud-enabled,
work-from-anywhere environment,
did we still need an office?

– Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies.

In March 2020, like many companies, ADNET transitioned to a fully remote workforce due to COVID. Chris and Ed found that their organization was not only well positioned to accommodate this shift, but it succeeded in doing so. They decided to adopt a permanent work-from-anywhere operation that was connected by the cloud and its people-first values. The missing link, however, was developing a shared, flexible space where its team could safely come together to collaborate and harness the power of spontaneous face-to-face interactions. This dramatic shift in workspace philosophy led them to Rosenblum Development.

Turning Your Stories Into Spaces

At Rosenblum, we’ve always focused on helping tenant companies create workplaces where their employees want to be versus where they have to be, so we understood ADNET’s desire to invest in an office hub that contributes to talent attraction and development even while embracing a home-based approach for its team. In our initial discovery conversation, Chris and Ed laid out their vision for a space that would build community and harness the power of people coming together and collaborating in person. It was our job to help them translate that vision into a responsive design, from the layout, flow and types of spaces to the finishes, fixtures and underlying infrastructure; e.g. power and broadband. By managing the process from concept through construction, our team was able to ensure the seamless delivery of a new workplace uniquely suited for this next chapter of ADNET’s story.

Unlike a traditional office that provides separate, siloed spaces, ADNET’s new workplace has no private offices or cubicles. Instead, sit-stand convertible desks, meeting and wellness rooms, and a coffee bar are shared by everyone. Technology plays an important role in day-to-day activities and was crucial to creating spaces that worked for the ADNET team. We coordinated with ADNET to integrate physical and virtual platforms like state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment and workstations with plug-and-play widescreen monitors. Office hardware and equipment is supported by commercial-grade high speed internet access that staff needs in order to be productive…and can’t always rely on at home.

In a sense, it has been a perfect partnership – ADNET’s expertise in cloud technologies complements our experience developing spaces that emphasize wellness, drive culture and create the conditions for innovation that only happen when people can come together.

This new office is an investment in our team.
It’s not about a physical space,
it’s about building a culture
that technologists want to be a part of.

– Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies.

ADNET employs 60 people across its company, and it is actively recruiting more IT professionals to join its Capital Region team. As ADNET looks to continue its expansion, the firm intends to use its Albany office as a template for offices in other markets.

Seth Rosenblum Speaking
Seth Rosenblum addresses guests at the ribbon-cutting for ADNET’s new collaborative office.
Christopher Luise, Seth Rosenblum, Jeff Mirel and Tara Curley
(left to right) Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET Technologies with Rosenblum’s Tara Curley, Seth Rosenblum and Jeff Mirel.
ADNET Inspiration
Lounge space (foreground), meeting rooms and sit-stand convertible desks (background) in ADNET’s new collaborative office.
ADNET Coffee Space
The sunlit coffee bar in ADNET’s new collaborative office.