Constantly Renovating Your Albany Office Rental

Constantly Renovating Your Albany Office Rental

At Rosenblum, we take a perfectionist’s approach to managing our commercial properties, scrutinizing everything from the landscaping surrounding the buildings to the fixtures inside.  We often even replace furniture or carpeting for tenants when they need to spruce up their office space after a number of years.

One of the more complicated aspects of office renovation is replacing the floor in a space that is already furnished and occupied.  But there is a clever way to solve the problem.  Carpets can be replaced with carpet tiles, piece by piece underneath furniture on a lift — no need to move expensive computer equipment and remove cabling!


Another advantage using carpet tiles is that if a piece of carpet becomes stained or damaged, it can be simply replaced with a spare tile.

The Rosenblum Companies makes sure that every office space is outfitted with quality, stylish materials, aiming to deliver the finest Albany office rental.  Keeping our tenants’ spaces and our commercial property for rent constantly renovated is part of our preventive maintenance philosophy.  Constant attention means that tenants rarely have to make calls for repairs.

albany office rental - lobby renovation at corporate plaza

Each Albany office rental is able to endure years of constant use, yet remain fresh due to our concern for keeping our properties constantly maintained.