Dump the Pump! Car-free Convenience Downtown

Today’s sixth annual Dump the Pump Day, recognized by the Capital District Transportation Authority and hundreds of other municipal transportation services nationwide, is a wake-up call for car commuters.  Taking public transportation can save serious money and cut down on smog from car emissions.

A transportation planner for the CDTA commented in an article by the Times Union that she saves $9.52 a day by taking the bus.

By living downtown, you can go green and get fit every day by walking or biking, and access to several bus lines is close by.  Ditching the car for a bike or running errands on foot is not only cost effective – it’s healthy!  Studies show that small bouts of exercise throughout the day can be as beneficial as an hour long workout in the gym.

Philip Schwartz writes in The Business Review blog that the bike commuter is relatively rare in the Capitol Region, because most people have a city-to-suburb commute.  But by living in downtown Albany, you can can cut your commute down to a bikeable distance, making it a great choice for corporate housing.

The luxury condominiums at 17 Chapel are located in downtown Albany, just minutes on bicycle from restaurants and entertainment, parks and recreation.

Oh, and don’t worry.  When the winters get too rough, you can drive out of the heated garage.  We won’t judge.