From Rock2Rebuild™ to the Growth of Coworking

Jeffrey Mirel Interview PhotoJeffrey Mirel, a Principal of Rosenblum Development Corp. shares about the start of his career, how he ended up living in Albany, why he loves the Capital Region, his thoughts on the growth of local coworking scene, and more in this Q&A with Lauren Halligan for CapNY.

Developed by the Center for Economic Growth, the Capital Region of New York (CapNY) website was developed to help tell the stories of the Capital Region community in an effort to attract talent to the area.  They work to strengthen the Capital Region community through touting the benefits of living in the area, providing information for newcomers and even posting job listings. Did you know that there are 41 Museums in the Capital Region? Residents of the Capital Region who have lived here their entire lives may even learn a few things at CapNY !

CapNY Transplant: Jeffrey Mirel, Rosenblum Companies