GlobalFoundries Boosts Local Economy

Downtown Albany is located in the heart of Tech Valley, an area running from Montreal to just north of New York City, brimming with business and educational opportunities.  One of the most exciting projects in development is the growth of GlobalFoundries, a world leader in semiconductor manufacturing which is expected to construct a computer chip factory in Saratoga, NY, following on the heels of the factory in the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta.

Norm Armour, the Malta plant’s vice president and general manager, said that the newly constructed semiconductor manufacturing facility could eventually employ up to 1,500 people.  This is not to mention all of the supporting business that is likely to grow in the area in order to feed this huge industry.

GlobalFoundries is one of several businesses reaping the benefits of locating in Tech Valley.  The area’s relatively low cost of living, good schools and short commuting times, make it an ideal location for a business and an attraction for potential employees.

Unlike in major metropolitan areas, living in downtown Albany doesn’t mean you’ll always be stuck in traffic.  With easy access to Route 9 and I-787, commuting is a snap.  Minutes away from great restaurants, culture, and nightlife, 17 Chapel is an ideal location for new recruits coming to the area.  We’re proud to be part of the new construction and development in Tech Valley.
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