Making Winter Wonderful

With Albany’s first measurable snow of the year finally here, Albany residents are taking part in that time-honored tradition we’ve all grown come to accept and loath: the “great dig out.” As we rush to get ready for work in the morning, we must now make extra time to clear our front walkways, sidewalks (and often worse) dig our cars out of the snow before we can even begin the commute.

At 17 Chapel we offer an alternative.

enjoy coffee in your luxury condo without worrying about shoveling snowWhen you wake up in your beautiful new home, you can enjoy your coffee, knowing your car is warm and waiting just an elevator ride away, parked inside the heated garage. The sidewalks will already be cleared of snow and you’ll never have to pick up another shovel or grain of road salt.

When you return, you can relax in front of a comfortable fire in your warm great room, watching the snow gently fall on the roof tops and church steeples below.  At dinnertime, you can order a gourmet meal from dp: An American Brasserie, Yono’s, or The Brown Derby, and as an exclusive service to 17 Chapel residents, they will deliver a steaming hot luxurious meal right to your door, served on their top-quality china.

Want to prepare a meal yourself? Order a delivery from Cardona’s Market before you arrive home, and your groceries will be waiting for you in the package room, which includes a refrigerator and freezer.

Sound good? Make winter work for you with the luxury lifestyle at 17 Chapel Boutique Condominiums. Contact us today to find out more.