Need Help Finding Office Space in Albany, NY?

Some businesses need to rent only a single office, and others need multi-office space with bathrooms and a kitchenette.  Let us help you find the office space to meet your company’s needs.

Here are 5 Things to Look for When Choosing an Office Space in Albany, NY

1. Check How Much Usable Space is Available

Are you paying for square feet that are tucked around a corner or behind a closet?  Check out how much of the space you’re renting will be usable.

2. Consider What You Need

It seems like common sense, but not every business manager has a list on hand when assessing potential office space.  Write down exactly what you need and take that list with you when you tour available spaces.

At Rosenblum, we have available office space in Albany, NY, in a variety of sizes, which can be customized to match the size and scope of each tenant.

3. Plan for Growth

With the booming local high tech industry and government resources from the Capital Region, Albany is a growth market.  If your business is still in the growth stage, consider where you will or would like to be in 5 years.  If that includes hiring 15 new employees, make sure that your space can accommodate that!

Many of our office spaces in Albany, NY, can be custom outfitted to accommodate the size and structure of businesses of various sizes.

4. Check What Amenities are Included

Is there ample parking at the office park you’re considering?  Does the landlord regularly maintain the landscaping and provide snow removal when necessary?  Is it important to your employees to have an on-site gym? Some of the major attractions of our properties is the on-site walking/jogging trail at Great Oaks, the delicatessen at Corporate Plaza, and the impeccable landscaping at both office parks.

5. Assess the Location

Is the property accessible for your employees’ commute?  Will it be easy for customers to find?  Is it convenient to supporting business? Does the location offer nearby resources for recreation or dining? The nicest office won’t be a pleasure to come to day after day if it’s in an inconvenient location.

We believe that one of the biggest assets of an office space in Albany, NY, at Corporate Plaza or Great Oaks is the location, right off of major highways and less than a mile from shopping and dining destinations.