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Seth Rosenblum Grows Into CEO Role, Brings Big Ideas to Think Beyond Renting Office Spaces

When Jack Rosenblum started building Class A office buildings along Washington Avenue extension in the late 70’s, he was the first to be renting office spaces in Albany to service a then burgeoning mainframe computing industry in a region dominated by state government. Since then, the Rosenblum Companies has expanded upon a foundation of unmatched quality, meticulous customer service and a pioneering attitude toward real estate development, thinking beyond just renting office space. As leadership has changed, these core foundations have remained ingrained in the company’s DNA and have led to new and exciting projects such as the Great Oaks Office Park in the 90’s and now 17 Chapel, the first luxury residential building of its kind in the Capital District.

Those who are familiar with the company know that Seth Rosenblum, the 33-year-old son of founder Jack Rosenblum, has been managing most of the day-to-day operations for the last few years. Now, as The Rosenblum Companies move into a new office and begin a new phase of growth, Seth has moved into the role of CEO and taken leadership of the local development company. As sales at 17 Chapel wind down and the project nears the finish line, Seth has set his sights on new and exciting ways to further meet the needs of a changing economic environment in a region set for tremendous growth. Like his father before him, Seth plans to pioneer new, innovative solutions and projects rooted in the core beliefs of his company: unmatched quality and exemplary customer service.

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Article on Rosenblum Companies, new leadership seeks to move beyond renting office space in Albany
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