Office Space Trends in Albany Business Review

In his cover story for the April 10-16 Albany Business Review released Friday, April 10, entitled, “Who needs filing cabinets in the age of the cloud,” reporter Mike DeMasi takes a look at how new approaches to office space design are impacting Capital Region companies.

The Rosenblum Companies, in partnership with Accent, an expert in space planning and systems furniture, has been a leading proponent of creating custom office spaces that better meet particular corporate culture, workflow and staff needs.

ACOG by Donna Abbott-Vlahos Albany Business Review
New offices of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists District II at 100 Great Oaks Blvd (Photo by Donna Abbott-Vlahos, Albany Business Review)

The article includes a case study featuring Rosenblum tenants, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who worked with Rosenblum and Accent to create a more collaborative, comfortable space for their new office in our Great Oaks Office Park (pictured above).

From the article:

A growing number of employers in the region are investing in the latest office designs and buying into the current thinking about how to boost productivity and strengthen the bottom line.

Companies are thinking more about the relationship between the office space and how the employee works,” said Jeff Mirel, executive vice president at The Rosenblum Cos., owner of professional offices in the area. “It’s not space planning. It’s workplace strategy. It’s not about ‘open’ vs. traditional layout. It’s more about how does space help your company work better.

Here are three ways: give employees more room to collaborate; replace sheetrock with glass walls to brighten interiors; and freshen up the utilitarian break room.

Similar to other trends in the business world, the Capital Region isn’t at the forefront of the latest concepts in office design, but the growth of the tech sector has helped shake up the old, conservative approach.

It’s an evolution,” said Seth Rosenblum, president of The Rosenblum Cos., which works with tenants interested in embracing the latest concepts in layout and design. “Thirty years ago, you came to the office because your tools were located there. Now, it’s a place to come because you collaborate and work with others.

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