New Tenant Portal

Our property management team is always looking for ways to improve the value our customers obtain from our properties. When you rent an office from us, you don’t just get space, you get service.

We would like to share our progress with you on an exciting project we are working on to implement a web-based Tenant Portal. This portal is powered by Building Engines, a platform that empowers us to track our service requests while improving communications and transparency. Tenants will be able to submit and track service requests (work orders), access building-related documents, and more.

screenshot of tenant portal

Each tenant employee will have a username and password to access this portal from the Tenant Area page our website. While tenants will now have the option to submit service requests online, they may also still call our office. Regardless of how the request comes in, Building Engines will allow us to track it and dispatch it to our maintenance staff via smartphone. This will improve response times, ensure accountability, and allow our tenants the comfort of knowing their concerns are being addressed.

tenant portal work order view
With all of the benefits of this new technology, our commitment to prompt, effective and personal service will not change. The benefit is that tenants will be able to check the status and view history of requests online. They will also receive emailed status updates when work is completed, and a notification if work is delayed for any reason (for example, if we waiting for an outside contractor or parts to arrive). Tenants will even have the opportunity to submit feedback on service requests after they are completed. Our management team and owners will be paying close attention to this feedback as a means of measuring our performance.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide updates on this project and provide our tenants with access information and optional training seminars for the Building Engines platform. Please contact Bill Henningson or Seth Rosenblum for feedback related to our customer experience.