When it comes to office space, one size definitely does not fit all.

Likening offices designed before the pandemic to rolodexes, typewriters and other “artifacts from ancient history,” Richard Barton, co-founder and CEO of Zillow, recently noted in an opinion piece published by USA Today that companies competing for the best talent in a tight labor market are reimagining their workspace strategies to align with the desires of an increasingly hybrid and remote workforce.

For some that means building out a completely customized space with first class finishes and high-quality amenities to entice workers back into the office. For others it means giving up traditional office space altogether and allowing their team to come and go from a shared office in a co-working space.

Chelsea Diana explored the topic as well in her January 20 Albany Business Review cover story: Off the Couch and Into The Office.”  Zac Conley, managing partner of Cresa’s Albany and Rochester offices, is quoted as saying, “What we’re finding more is this reinvention of the workspace. What is the future in every company is completely individualistic when it comes to what their needs are.” Zac has his finger on the pulse of the commercial real estate market and as usual is right on the money. His observations are also in line with what we’re seeing at Rosenblum Development.

As an owner-operator of several Class A office properties in the Capital Region as well as two Hone Coworks locations, Rosenblum has a unique vantage point within the commercial real estate market.  One day we hear from a large company looking for 10,000+ square feet for a regional headquarters and the next a small startup looking for a move-in ready, all-inclusive space where they can grow. One thing we know for sure: When it comes to office space, one size definitely does not fit all.

Crafting a workspace that reflects both your company culture and your workforce strategy takes time and should start with an honest conversation about the specific needs of your team.  If you need advice on managing the changing dynamics within the real estate industry, including the “flight to quality” driving demand for premium office space, or would like to discuss whether any of our available spaces might be right for you, we’re ready to help.  You can reach Seth Rosenblum, principal broker, at 518.250.4740 or seth@rosenblumcompanies.com.