Get Outside More This Spring!

Consider These Outdoor Albany Office Rental Amenities

Spring is finally here! And while all of us look forward to the weekend to enjoy outdoor activities during these warmer days, many recent studies suggest that getting outside during the workday may have even greater benefits than you might have expected.

A recent article in the journal Population Health Management examined 19,803 people who worked at one of three companies, and found that employees who have unhealthy eating habits have a 66% increased risk of productivity loss and those who rarely exercise have a 50% increased risk of low productivity. A study from the University of Bristol found that after exercise, employees “returned to work more tolerant of themselves and more forgiving of their colleagues”. The same study found that mid-workday exercise has greater benefits beyond worker wellbeing, “it gives employers more efficient employees who work better together.”

Other benefits of outdoor activity during the workday include:

  • Lower health care costs
  • Fewer sick days
  • Better attendance
  • Greater cooperation and better overall office morale
Great Oaks Jogging Path - Outdoor Albany Office Rental Amenities
Jogging Path at Great Oaks Office Park

Employers have long known that physical and mental activity is often linked to employee productivity. This is one of the reasons why we at The Rosenblum Companies strive to provide our tenants with opportunities to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings at both of our office parks – there are plenty of opportunities to spend your break outside this spring and summer!

Some Ideas For Enjoying Outdoor Albany Office Rental Amenities

  • Try eating lunch at one of the picnic tables located in shaded, wooded areas at both Great Oaks and Corporate Plaza.
  • Take a walk or jog along the 2/3 mile trail around Great Oaks Office Park.
  • Take a short to medium hike or walk over sand dunes and through wooded Pine Bush near Corporate Plaza. These office buildings are located within the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, which provides over 5 miles of trails through incredible sand dunes, just on the other side of Columbia Circle Drive. For a really strenuous midday workout, try running these sandy trails!
  • Try biking to and from work. We provide bicycle racks behind 100 Great Oaks, and at Corporate Plaza between 240 Washington Avenue Extension and 14 Columbia Circle Drive. This has the added benefit of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint!
  • Regardless of how you decide to work up a sweat, we have showers in many of the bathrooms at both our office parks.
    Nearby Outdoor Albany Office Rental Amenities - Albany Pine Bush Preserve
    Sandy Trails at Albany Pine Bush Preserve

So the next time you’re feeling tired or a little run down at work, remember there are plenty of opportunities to get outside during your day. Not only will you feel better just getting some sun and enjoying some fresh air, you may find the rest of the day is a little easier when you sit back down at your desk!