Luxury Condo Amenities Sell on Convenience

17 Chapel made the news again, this time on the front page of the Homes section of the Times Union. This story was about our Resort-style amenities program. Thank you to freelance reporter Sonia Chopra for her coverage of this exciting news!

An excerpt from today’s article:

At a time when we’re all juggling jobs and myriad responsibilities, and running at a pace dictated by how quickly we can respond to electronic messages, at least two local developers are incorporating convenience into their designs.

After a long day at work, don’t you wish someone would just magically appear and hand over your dinner, take away your dry cleaning, pick up those scuffed shoes for repair, and bring you those groceries for tomorrow’s breakfast?

These conveniences come with the condominiums at the upscale boutique residences of 17 Chapel in downtown Albany planned by Rosenblum Development Corp. The building, originally an auto dealership and most recently used by the city’s professional theater group, Capital Repertory Theatre, is being converted to house 24 luxury condominiums.

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