What You Love About Our Condos

Since our model condo opened, visitors have become really excited about seeing what a new luxury condo home can look like.  The following is a list of some of the most popular things we hear from visitors:

  • Natural daylight floods the condo through its many windows and large balcony doors.
  • Rooms are spacious.  Even smaller rooms have ample space to move around. The average square footage of our condos – whatever the configuration, be they one bedroom, two bedroom, two bedroom and library – is much greater than most condos or townhouses.
  • The high ceilings and open plans further add to the spacious look of each and every condo.
  • The in-house fitness center!  Working out has never been this convenient.
  • High-quality finishes – attention is given to detail.
  • The furnished roof deck, outfitted with a barbeque, refrigerator and gas fire pit, has amazing views of the downtown Albany skyline! You can enjoy a panoramic views of most of Albany’s famous landmarks.

Come see a luxury condo for yourself and tell us what you like best!