Electronics Recycling Day #2

On Wednesday, April 20, The Rosenblum Companies hosted our second annual free Electronics Recycling Day! Tenants at Great Oaks Office Park and Corporate Plaza were able to dispose of unwanted electronics in a safe and environmentally friendly way at no cost. We are proud to have sponsored the collection of 2,820 pounds of television and CRT monitor waste at Great Oaks and 3,146 pounds at Corporate Plaza.

electronics recycling
Several pallets of e-waste at Corporate Plaza.

Although electronic, or “e-waste” (computers, computer peripherals, televisions, small electronic equipment, etc.) currently makes up a small percentage of landfills (2%), it accounts for 70% of toxic waste.  It is also increasingly cumbersome to dispose of e-waste, particularly because under a 2015 New York State Environmental Conservation Law, it is now illegal to combine e-waste with regular trash and recycling. As more businesses invest in technology solutions and switch to paperless operations, recycling e-waste is increasingly as important as conventional recycling. However, according to EPA estimates, only about 12.5% of e-waste” is recycled each year.

electronics recycling
e-cycling in progress at Great Oaks.

The Rosenblum Companies sponsors free electronics recycling to assist our valued tenants with the NYS requirement, ensure that electronic waste is properly handled, and also promote “e-cycling.”   Tenants were even encouraged to bring electronic items from home. Of the items turned in, many have parts and materials that can be easily repurposed or refurbished. Our contractor, eLot, will “de-manufacture” these products. A large part of de-manufacturing is recouping metals such as copper and gold for reuse, much of which is found in our old cellphones. eLot will also salvage still-functional parts.  Perhaps most important is the extraction of toxic chemicals like cadmium and lead, the main hazard in improperly disposing of e-waste.

Providing opportunities for safe, environmentally sound e-cycling is one way The Rosenblum Companies works to make better spaces.