The Best E-Cycling Day Yet

Our tenants took full advantage of our annual free E-cycling Day as they recycled over 7,000lbs of their unwanted electronics.

Retail Tenants at The News Apartments

The Rosenblum Companies is pleased to announce the first three retail businesses that will be located on the ground floor of The News Apartments building…

Electronics Recycling Day #2

On Wednesday, April 20, The Rosenblum Companies hosted our second annual free Electronics Recycling Day! Tenants at Great Oaks Office Park and Corporate Plaza were…

Winter Warmth Drive Recap

From January 1st through February of this year, The Rosenblum Companies and CBRE-Albany joined forces to support the “Winter Warmth Project,” a joint initiative of the…

Natural Settings Improve Productivity

Sometimes, the newest trends reinforce something that we’ve always known but perhaps set aside as progress marches on.  Take “daylighting,” which has reemerged as a…


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