Natural Settings Improve Productivity

Brilliant sky over Albany Pine Bush trail.

Sometimes, the newest trends reinforce something that we’ve always known but perhaps set aside as progress marches on.  Take “daylighting,” which has reemerged as a vital feature of office design  –  the virtues of natural light have long been lauded by space planners, psychologists and anyone who’s ever sat in a dimly lit cubicle.  But research now reveals the presence of natural scenery – trees, flowers, wildlife – may have an even greater influence on our ability to concentrate, create and produce.

For clients in our Corporate Plaza office park, the Pine Bush Preserve, which was recently designated a National Natural Landmark, is just 100 yards away, offering hiking trails through pristine sand dunes and meadows full of wildflowers.  Combined with amenities provided at Corporate Plaza like picnic tables and showers, tenants can enjoy these natural surroundings during a pre-work jog or lunch break.


Even on days when it’s too hectic to get outside, studies shows that simply looking through a window at elements of nature can provide many of the same benefits.  So the next time you’re feeling stressed, take a fifteen minute walk or just stare outside for a while.  Don’t worry, your work will be waiting for you.

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