Downtown Apartment or Downtown Condo?

Thinking about renting an apartment in downtown Albany?  What about reaping all of the benefits of living downtown but avoiding the financial loss of rent payments?  Living in a condo means that you can avoid a lot of the maintenance hassles that come with owning a home but avoid throwing away money on apartment rent.

Owning a condo often comes with tax benefits, too.  At 17 Chapel, the 485(a) tax abatement translates to tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings!

An apartment may seem more financially secure right now, because spending big bucks in an unstable economy seems risky.  But if you think about the long-term, making an investment in a condo is a better use of your hard-earned money.  You can even think of it like owning an apartment.

Condos also offer great amenities that apartments, or flats, seldom do.  At 17 Chapel, we offer deals with local businesses, an in-house gym, and heated parking for all residents.