Benefits of Owning a Condo vs. a House

What if you could have the the financial benefits of earning equity on your housing payments, with the added benefit of a built-in community and lower monthly payments? You can with a condo home. Living in a condominium can offer all the freedom of a single-family home but at a much lower cost.


First Homeowners Move In

Since purchasing the site at 17 Chapel in 2008, we’ve been looking forward to the moment when the completed redevelopment would change this downtown property from a warehouse to the finest luxury condos in the region.


Building the Future of Albany

We’re excited to find out that the luxury condos in downtown Albany at 17 Chapel fit nicely into plans for the future of Albany’s growth.…


Downtown Apartment or Downtown Condo?

Thinking about renting an apartment in downtown Albany?  What about reaping all of the benefits of living downtown but avoiding the financial loss of rent…


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