New Food Delivery Option Available for Great Oaks Tenants

Tenant Survey Results Are In and We’re Responding With On-Site Lunch Options at Great Oaks

At The Rosenblum Companies, there is nothing more important to us than our tenants’ wants and needs. This July, we sent out a survey to all of our tenant customers focusing on the features, amenities and services we provide. We were impressed by the number of survey responses we received as well as the positive customer feedback. We also received some valuable suggestions from our tenants, and we are using this customer input as we plan and prioritize the upgrades we’re planning for our buildings and the services we provide to them.

We’ve always known that having convenient options for food service, particularly lunch options, is important to office tenants. Many tenant employees working at Corporate Plaza partake of lunch, breakfast or an early afternoon snack at The Plaza Deli, which has been serving our office park and others nearby since 1986. Our tenants at Great Oaks Office Park, however, identified having “more on-site food options” as a high priority in the survey. We already offer common area lunchrooms at each building and Great Oaks is conveniently located near a wide variety of eateries along Western Avenue (including those at Crossgates Mall and Stuyvesant Plaza). But without a full-scale eatery on-site, we wanted to come up with an option to satisfy our busy tenants and their appetites.

We’re very excited now to announce a new partnership with Bountiful Bread, a scratch bakery located in Stuyvesant Plaza, part of the White Management Family of Restaurants. White Management’s corporate office has been a tenant at Great Oaks Office Park since 1992, and they have been successful restaurateurs for over 50 years, making this partnership a confident choice for us and our tenants.

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Bountiful Bread specializes in lunch options such as fresh-made sandwiches, salads, soups and baked goods. Their owners and staff pride themselves in using only the freshest ingredients. When we looked to Bountiful to provide delivery to Great Oaks, the quality of food and consistency of service were important factors. By pairing this established, popular nearby eatery with a new delivery service, we’re able to bring our tenants all of the convenience  of restaurant lunch options without any of the quality trade-offs that sometimes come with on-site dining. Now, our tenants can make even better use of our on-site lunchrooms, and in the warmer weather, retreat to our serene, wooded picnic areas for a quick lunchtime getaway.


Last week, representatives from Bountiful Bread delivered lunch samplings to each of the offices in Great Oaks. As of October 23rd, online ordering and office delivery is available to all Great Oaks tenants. You can order online at To ensure prompt delivery, please submit all orders prior to 11:30 AM on the day of delivery.

The Delivery Team at Bountiful Bread

We expect that Bountiful Bread’s delivery program will be of great value to our tenants. Should you have any questions or suggestions about the food offerings or how to order, please contact a representative from Bountiful Bread at 518-438-3540. If you have any feedback on this partnership or other ideas we might explore to better serve our tenants’ needs, please contact our office.