New Homeowners Customizing Their Condos

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how many condo homes are left at 17 Chapel.  Four homes have closed and the homeowners have moved in. Two condos are models and six more are under construction for buyers.  That means that there is still time for buy and customize the remaining 12 condo homes.

In addition to the wide variety of floorplan options offered 17 Chapel, we also provide a large selection of appliances and finishes to choose from in each home. After buying a condo, you will receive a Personalization Guide and have access to our on-site design center. To assist you with making your selections, we include a complimentary consultation with our interior designer, Valerie DeLaCruz.

When we craft your slice of the Albany skyline at 17 Chapel, we certainly won’t use a cookie cutter. We’ll enable you to personalize your new condo by selecting from available colors, finishes and options – with professional interior design assistance included. Accentuate your space with transitional or contemporary styles while integrating your personal taste throughout. Upgrade your home with high-end appliances and indulge in natural stone counters, floors and walls and hundreds of ceramic tile options. Reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly alternatives. Enjoy the warmth of a gas fireplace. Create a sanctuary in your bathrooms with a luxury shower, whirlpool or soaking tub and bidet seat options. The possibilities are endless, making every home at 17 Chapel unique.

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