Georgette Steffens on Downtown Living

Georgette Steffens of the Downtown Albany Bid discusses all the various housing opportunities now available in Downtown Albany with Phil Bayly of WNYT TV.


Construction Nearing Completion

Anticipation is growing as we build, build, build, and construction is nearly complete!   By early July, we expect to complete our model suite, another…


Construction Update

Our contractors made significant progress this winter despite the harsh weather. Three floors of structural steel were added on top and the entire exterior of…


Luxury Condo Lifestyle

We like to think of the downtown condo lifestyle as an up and coming trend with inspiration borrowed from bigger nearby cities like New York…


Construction Progressing

Despite harsh Albany winter weather, construction is progressing nicely at 17 Chapel. Structural steel was completed in early January and work continues on this now…


Updated Floor Plan: Schuyler Penthouse

We are thrilled to announce a revised floor plan for our Schuyler Penthouse, Suite 702. This suite is one-of-a-kind and the second largest condo floor…


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