New Model Suite Open

Our new Grand Hudsonview model condo is now open, with sophisticated style and panoramic views of the Downtown Albany skyline.


5 Things to Know About Urban Condo Living

Here are 5 things to expect when moving from a suburban home to a luxury condo: Space you really use, no more yard management, community, shorter commutes, great savings. Living in an urban condo can be both luxurious and affordable.


Say Goodbye to Rakes and Shovels

One of the major attractions of condo living is the maintenance-free lifestyle. As the season of leaf raking and even snow shoveling is upon us, now is the time to start thinking about how much time and money you could save without a yard and driveway to clear.


Luxury Condo Lifestyle

We like to think of the downtown condo lifestyle as an up and coming trend with inspiration borrowed from bigger nearby cities like New York…


Why Your New Home Should Be a Condo

If you’re looking for housing, think beyond a house.  There are many benefits to condo living that take advantage of the independence that it offers…


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