5 Things to Know About Urban Condo Living

1. Space you can use.  Moving from a house to a condo, even our generously-sized luxury condos, usually means a space downgrade.  But that can be a good thing. Think about how much space you actually need and use in your home.  Many new condo owners are pleased to find that for the first time in years, they are actually using all of the rooms in their home! And when you consider all of the benefits of living in a condo with services like ours, you’ll need less stuff.  For details keep reading…

luxury condo roof deck furniture
Roof Deck

2. No more yard to manage. No more setting up the sprinkler or pulling weeds! That means you can get rid of your rakes and shovels.  Sure it’s not the same as a private lawn, but you can still enjoy your outdoor space with a furnished roof deck at 17 Chapel.  Some condos in warmer climates offer a pool deck.  Not having a yard or a lawn to take care of means you can eliminate the cost of a landscaper or lawn equipment from your budget and you can spend more time relaxing.  You’ll still enjoy the outdoors on our community rooftop sky deck and your private terrace or french balcony. Also, at 17 Chapel, our windows let in a lot of natural light.  You can also enjoy the outdoors at nearby parks or by taking a jog along the Hudson River.

luxury condo lobby
Furnished Lobby

3. Community. If you’re moving from a house in the suburbs to an urban condo, having neighbors right next door (and above and below) takes some getting used to, but soon enough you’ll be running into familiar faces all the time.  Meet your neighbors on the roof deck or at the fitness center, and soon you’ll feel part of a tight-knit community.

4. Shorter commutes. This might not be applicable to everyone, but by living downtown, you may be able to walk to work or other neighborhood conveniences, as opposed to sitting in traffic.  Many urban households find that they are able to give up a car, or at least drive one less.

5. Great savings. When you compare condominium living to the cost of living in a suburban home or a similar apartment, condo living is often the most affordable.  A condo is a smaller than a house, and unlike an apartment, it develops equity, so your monthly mortgage and homeowners association payments don’t just go down the drain – they build equity. With the addition of the City of Albany tax abatement, monthly payments toward a luxury condo home at 17 Chapel are significantly less costly than similarly sized units at luxury apartment buildings in the area.