Unveiling the 2012 Vanguard Showhouse

Yesterday, the 32nd annual Vanguard Showhouse celebrated its grand opening at 17 Chapel Boutique Condominiums in Downtown Albany. The Vanguard Showhouse will be open to the public for three weeks beginning tomorrow, May 1st. Check the website www.vanguard-aso.org for scheduling of special seminars and group events and information on free parking.


Downtown Albany Views at Night

One of the best things about the location of 17 Chapel condominiums is the views of downtown Albany. But even if you’ve visited the model condo and taken in the views from the rooftop, you probably haven’t seen what it looks like at night. Here are some photos to show you how amazing the views are from the luxury condos at 17 Chapel, 24 hours a day.


5 Things to Know About Urban Condo Living

Here are 5 things to expect when moving from a suburban home to a luxury condo: Space you really use, no more yard management, community, shorter commutes, great savings. Living in an urban condo can be both luxurious and affordable.


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